head • land /'hedlnd, 'hed  land/
a coastal landform, usually high and often with a sheer drop that extends into a body of water. Looking out from the headland where nature perfectly balances two worlds. Between land and water, hard and soft, familiar and unfamiliar. Inviting promises of adventure and new discovery.

Anticipate new pathways, traverse from peaks to the cliff’s edge, between the known and the unknown . . . . . . what possibilities lie ahead?

Headlands is a modular carpet tile collection designed to invigorate the simple elegance of Flatlands to produce a beautiful partnership which invites a sense of play and endless possibilities.


HL01, HL02, HL05

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Under the Paris Climate Change Agreement, there is no such thing as a Carbon offset project. Taking responsibility means you should actively participate in an Emission Reduction or a Climate Change Mitigation project, such as Carbon Sequestration. At Carpets Inter we donate 100% of effluent sediment to Organic fertilizer. For every +1% more organic material per acre within our soil, the earth will naturally sequester an additional 10 Tons of Carbon draw down per year from the atmosphere.
At Carpets Inter we practice prevention at source, rather than solely purchasing Carbon Credits to offset our Carbon footprint; reusing waste PET bottles, repurposing organic waste to Agriculture and planting thousands of trees within the local community each’s just good stewardship !!
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